Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy "Spring Forward".....I think.

I miss my hour already! Had a wonderful Saturday....temp in the low 70's. Larry and I took the bikes out for a spin and then went to my sis's for some Criss Angel Mind Freak videos and family and friends poker night. Had a ball! My nephew, Drew, the magician, also showed off his new tricks. Amazing! The family went to Vegas last month for his 13th birthday to see Criss Angel, his idol. Vegas is so much fun! Drew had a ball in Criss Angel's store and at Houdini's store. Happy almost spring to all!


  1. Love your cards and blog site, :) Lori m

  2. Thanks so much for leaving your message on my blog. I'm loving what I see here! Your cards are wonderful! I especially love those daffodils! We're about 2 months away from that yet. DANG! My DH likes Chris Angel too. I'll be have loads of inspiration here! Hugs!

  3. Hey g/f I love your blog! Your Layouts and cards are gorgeous, cute and I can see the love you put into them!! Hugz


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