Thursday, August 4, 2011

What is a Slide Mount?

Some of you may remember these from several years ago. Those little chipboard or plastic squares your covered with paper or painted to create an embellishment for your page. Here is a card I made using one that I covered in pattern paper and attached as my focal point. I used the colors for this week's Color Challenge.


  1. Roxann, this is so pretty but so cool too. I really like the way you made use of them. I save little things till I find something to use them on and now, BINGO! Hugs, Lori m

  2. Very pretty Rox!! I love it! I miss "hearing" your good morning every day!!
    Love ya'

  3. I just LOVE all the embossing Rox - and super cute mount you created with just that lone butterfly in the center!! Beautiful!

  4. Love your card. The embossing looks nice, just love those colors together. So summery. Embellishments are nice and your focal point works very really well. Love your slide show is that something new.

  5. Remember when Ektachrome slides were the most affordable way of processing film. My wedding pictures (from 1976) are in a slide tray. Those were paper. I do like the scrappy ones still to use like book plates! Thanks for the blog visit!

  6. Hi Roxann! Thanks for dropping by my blog to say Hi!
    In between reorganizing craft stuff & being sick I haven't posted much.
    Love your 'slide' idea. Very clever of you!
    Have a FABulous weekend!
    Huggies ~

  7. Oh yeah I remember those!! Probably still have a few hanging around!! Great card - love how you decorated your slide mount!!

  8. Love the embossing Rox and pretty design. Side mount to me means a way of getting on the Side horse in gymnastics!! LOL love ya! Colleen

  9. OK, I pretty obviously didn't know what a slide mount was as I thought the ribbon slide thingy I used was what you were talking about! LOL. Great cards!


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